Pioneers in

Our team

We are a lot more than a young company: we push for innovation, engaged with continuous improvement and positive contribution to our local communities, society and the environment. With a clear perspective on the future we want to build, we are ready to lead the way towards a better and more sustainable world.

We believe in a green future

We believe in what we do, and our story reflects it: “Two mines closed the door on me. The third one gave me a bench in their lab, and I personally bought the materials I needed. I wasn’t getting paid, and I spent all my savings on this.”

Reference in sustainable development

A solid commitment to technological innovation, sustainability, renewable energy, and the circular economy.

Pioneers in technological innovation

We develop new electrochemical technologies that provide real solutions to complex industrial problems.

Work, commitment and excellence

Integrity and teamwork. We believe in motivation and enthusiasm as fundamental pillars of our project.

Proven capability

A process that has demonstrated its viability in all phases, from the laboratory to the industrial line. We will restore profitability to deposits believed to be extinct.

Eva Laín. CEO

"We are a family."

“The project’s needs dictate my requirements. However, I like my team members to be happy and feel comfortable and excited about the project. It’s important to demand, but always from motivation and enthusiasm, explaining why what I am asking for is necessary. We do have a great atmosphere, which is essential because I couldn’t walk this path alone.”

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