The School of Mines trusts in the E-LIX project: the ‘green’ production of 10,000 tons of pure copper and zinc per year

Huelva, August 4 (EFE). The Department of Sustainability, Environment, and Blue Economy has granted the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAU) for the construction of a new industrial plant for the production of pure metal promoted by Atalaya at the Riotinto mine facilities (Huelva).

This is stated in the resolution of the Territorial Delegation of Sustainability, Environment, and Blue Economy in Huelva, consulted by EFE, issued after the appeals filed by Ecologists in Action and the Montescola Foundation were not admitted.

This high-purity metals production plant has undergone the Integrated Environmental Authorization procedure because some of the processes carried out in it are expressly included in the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Law.

It essentially consists of an industrial plant for the production of copper and zinc cathodes within the Riotinto Mining Project (PRT), using mineral concentrates obtained in the current beneficiation process, occupying an approximate area of 0.63 hectares.

It is designed to produce a maximum of 10,000 tons of metallic zinc and/or copper in cathode form, although it is also possible to produce an intermediate product of precipitate (hydroxide or carbonate) of zinc and/or copper.

Upon the authorization’s granting, which establishes a series of conditions and limits regarding atmospheric emissions, noise, light emissions, water, and waste, Atalaya has a five-year period to initiate the activity.

Atalaya plans to invest 12 million euros in this new plant, which will use the E-LIX technology, an innovative electrochemical extraction process developed by Lain Technologies, owned by the Spanish Eva Laín, a doctor in electrochemistry who has patented and developed the system after 6 years of research and testing, with the financial support of the mining company.

The E-LIX system is a global innovation that also offers environmental advantages: it is a sustainable and safe technology, featuring zero discharge. Unlike usual processes, it operates at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. EFE.

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